There are not that many policies for the Tommy Westphall Universe.

Changing policy Edit

If you want to change any policy or rule of the Tommy Westphall Universe wiki, start the discussion on the relevant talk page with {{talk}} at the top of the section. Discussion of the policy you want changed anywhere else will not be valid.

Television series is not part of Westphall Edit

If you find a television series, miniseries, or television film that is not part of the Tommy Westphall Universe, you can put it up for deletion by adding {{Delete}} to its article. Do not blank the article.

Please read the rules of the Tommy Westphall Universe to see what is included.

Crossover does not make sense Edit

If you find a crossover that does not make sense, you can discuss it on the article's talk page unless the problem is so obvious that you can write a new section in the article about it. You can read about the types of connections to see how to handle various connection problems.

Wikia policies Edit

There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on Community Central.

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