Tommy Westphall Universe, then known as the Tommy Westphall Wiki, was created by Westphallman on June 16, 2009‎. It was adopted by Mister Six on September 10, 2011 then by Lady Aleena on September 29, 2017.

Who is Tommy Westphall? Edit

Tommy Westphall is the autistic son of Dr. Donald Westphall on St. Elsewhere who dreamed his series and every other series that has crossed over with it. His imagination has created a continuity that now spans over 500 television series. His dreams have gone back in time to series in the 1950s and continues to series currently airing. They span genres including dramas, sitcoms, and science fiction.

Tommy Westphall's imagination appears to be endless.

Scope of Tommy Westphall Universe Edit

The Tommy Westphall Universe wiki is a map into the mind of Tommy Westphall and the connections he has created as written by Keith Gow and Ash Crowe. Discrepancies and other conflicts are welcome as part of the articles written for the wiki. New connections can appear at any time and will be included here as they are found.

The Tommy Westphall Universe is not a comprehensive guide for every episode and character in the television series that are part of the Universe. There are other Fandom wikis better suited for that.

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