The White Shadow
White Shadow
Thomas Carter, Jackie Cooper, Lawrence Levy, Victor Lobl, Marc Norman
Bruce Paltrow
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The White Shadow was an American drama series created by Bruce Paltrow for NBC. It ran for three seasons.

Series summaryEdit

Ken Reeves (Ken Howard) is a white professional basketballer who has to take himself off the court after a knee injury. Upon retiring, he takes a job as a basketball coach at Carver High School, a mostly black and Hispanic urban high school in South Central Los Angeles.

Westphall connections to The White ShadowEdit

  • The White Shadow's Warren Coolidge (Byron Stewart) from became a porter at St Eligius' Hospital in St Elsewhere; a small piece of dialogue in one episode suggested that he'd given up on his basketball career after sustaining an injury.
  • Warren Coolidge appeared in an episode of Method & Red; this took place a long time after both The White Shadow and St Elsewhere had finished.

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