The War at Home is an American sitcom created by Rob Lotterstein for Fox television. It ran from September 11, 2005 to April 22, 2007 for two seasons.

Series summary Edit

Insensitive, cynical insurance salesman Dave Gold (Michael Rapaport) must deal with his dysfunctional family - while they do their best to deal with him. His wife, Vicky (Anita Barone) can be as obnoxious as him; his daughter Hillary (Kaylee DeFer) is constantly misbehaving; his eldest son, Larry (Kyle Sullivan), is emotional and flamboyant; and his youngest, Mike (Dean Collins) is going through the turmoil of puberty. Their chaotic lives are frequently punctuated by Dave's exasperated monologues, made to the audience at home.

Disputed brand link Edit

The War at Home "The West Palm Beach Story" used stock footage of Oceanic Airlines from the film Executive Decision not the logo featured in Lost.