Team Knight Rider
Team Knight Rider
Brixton Karnes, Christine Steel, Duane Davis, Kathy Trageser, Nick Wechsler
Rick Copp, David A Goodman, Glen A Larson
Country of origin
Original channel
Action, science fiction
Years on air
No. of seasons
No. of episodes
Related Westphall shows

Team Knight Rider was a US science-fiction show created by Rick Copp, David A Goodman and Glen A Larson for NBC as a follow-up to Knight Rider (1982). It ran for one season.

Series summaryEdit

Over ten years after Michael Knight and his intelligent car, KITT, fought criminals 'above the law', the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) continues to tackle evildoers. But now rather than one man, it operates using a team of five drivers, each with their own intelligent, talking vehicle.

Westphall connections in Team Knight RiderEdit

  • In the Star Trek episode "The Changeling", Kirk and the crew have to deal with Nomad, a space probe from the 21st century created by artificial intelligence pioneer Dr Jackson Roykirk. Dr Roykirk subsequently appeared as a character in the Team Knight Rider episode "Apocalypse Maybe".

Parent showEdit

  • Team Knight Rider was created as a continuation of Knight Rider (1982); in the final episode, Michael Knight, the protagonist from the original series, appears, viewed from behind..

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