Special Unit 2
Michael Landas, Alexondra Lee, Richard Gant, Danny Woodburn
Country of origin
Original channel
Science fiction, comedy-drama
Years on air
No. of seasons
No. of episodes
Related Westphall shows

Special Unit 2 was an American sci-fi comedy-drama that ran on UPN for two seasons.

Series summaryEdit

Unbeknown to many, strange, mythological creatures walk the streets of Chicago: medusas, sandmen and gargoyles being just some of them. While most live quietly among their human neighbours, who are largely oblivious to their existence, others turn to crime - which is where Special Unit 2 come in. Detective Kate Benson (Alexondra Lee) is a newly assigned Special Unit 2 officer, partnered with the callous and jaded detective Nick O'Malley (Michael Landas). They investigate and solve crimes too strange for the regular police force, while reporting to captain Richard Page (Richard Gant) and working with Carl (Danny Woodburn), a kleptomaniac gnome who is the force's link with the strange underworld of Chicago.

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