Tattingers, later retitled to Tattinger's, is an American comedy-drama series that ran on NBC from October 26, 1988 to April 26, 1989. It ran for one season. The series was again renamed to Nick & Hillary from "Half a Loaf" becoming a half-hour sitcom.

Series summary Edit

This comedy-drama series revolved around Nick and Hillary Tattinger (Stephen Collins and Blythe Danner), owners of Tattingers, a posh restaurant in Manhattan. Although divorced, the couple continue to run the restaurant and serve its many famous customers.

Westphall connection in TattingersEdit

After Dr Elliot Axelrod (Stephen Furst) died in Boston-based medical drama St. Elsewhere, Kenny Axelrod (Wayne Knight) appeared in Tattingers "The Sonny Also Rises" complaining about how his cousin had died over in Boston.

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