Morley is a fictional cigarette company seen as early as The Twilight Zone "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet". They have since appeared in one form or another in dozens of television series, films, and even video games. One of the more notable appearances of Morley cigarettes is in The X-Files, using a pack design which emulates the pack design of Marlboro.

Etruscan horse Morley Edit

The Etruscan horse pack design from Psycho has been seen on...

Red box Morley Edit

The red and white pack design popular from The X-Files but first seen on Beverly Hills, 90210 has been seen in the following television series.

Other pack designs Edit

  • Killer Instinct "Game Over" has a pack that is red with a horizontal white stripe.
  • The L Word "Lap Dance" and "Lunar Cycle" has red box Morley cigarettes, but Morley is in all capital letters not title case like the other appearances.
  • The Strain "The Third Rail" has a pack that is white with vertical gold stripes.

Just mentioned Edit

In Judging Amy "Can They Do That With Vegetables?", Morley is mentioned but not seen, no pack design is present.

Not clearly seen Edit

There are times where a pack which looks like Morley, but the angle or distance of the shot makes it impossible to tell if the pack says Morley or not.

Not Morley Edit

In Frasier "Morning Becomes Entertainment", a pack of cigarettes that look like Morley's appeared, but brand was called Adlers.

Not cigarettes Edit

In The Dick Van Dyke Show "Sally is a Girl", chocolate Morley cigarettes appeared.