Millennium is an American horror and thriller series created by Chris Carter for FOX. It ran from October 25, 1996 to May 21, 1999 for three seasons.

Series summary Edit

Former FBI agent Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) is employed by the mysterious Millennium Group, who use his skills as a criminal profiler and his ability to take psychic imprints from crime scenes to help track down and arrest serial killers and other highly dangerous figures. At first Frank's second sight (which he claims is not psychic, although the evidence in the show suggests otherwise) is the only supernatural element of the series, but towards the end of the first season more fantastic elements begin to creep into the show. The second and third seasons then fully embrace the supernatural, with demons becoming a recurring element, while the Millennium Group's true agenda is revealed.

The show was commissioned after the success of creator Chris Carter's supernatural series The X-Files, but Millennium has a much darker, grimmer tone - particularly in the first season - and is often much more graphic in its violence and sexuality.

Westphall connection in Millennium Edit

Jose Chung (Charles Nelson Reilly) from The X-Files "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" appeared in "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defence".

Westphall connection to Millennium Edit

The X-Files "Millennium" acted as an unofficial final episode of the canceled series, wrapping up some dangling plot lines left by the show.