Kingdom Hospital is an American horror and comedy-drama miniseries developed by Stephen King for ABC and based upon Riget (aka The Kingdom), a Danish TV series created by Lars von Trier. It ran from March 3 to July 15, 2004.

Series summary Edit

Peter Rickman (Jack Coleman), a painter, is admitted to New Kingdom Hospital after a car accident that leaves him with injuries to his head and spine; there, he discovers that the hospital is far from ordinary - the chief of staff, Jesse James (Ed Begley Jr) is a member of a strange cult; the ghost of a little girl who died on the ground centuries ago (Jodelle Micah Ferland) stalks the halls, and a spirit that takes the form of an anteater (Kett Turton) keeps appearing to him. As the hospital faces destruction, the staff and patients come together to settle the restless spirits once and for all...

Westphall connection to Kingdom Hospital Edit

A balloon capsule seen in Lost has a list of sponsors on its side - one of these is Nozz-a-la Cola, as featured in Kingdom Hospital. Nozz-a-la also takes out The Dark Tower Series, which in turn takes out ALL of Stephen King's universe.

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