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K-9 and Company
Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson
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Science fiction, children
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K-9 and Company was a pilot for a TV spin-off of Doctor Who, featuring the characters of Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, companions of The Doctor. A new BBC controller disliked the concept and production of the series was cancelled before production of the pilot was completed. The pilot was screened on the BBC as a New Year's special in 1981. The special's canonicity to Doctor Who was confirmed in the 1983 special "The Five Doctors" which featured Sarah Jane owning K-9.

Series summaryEdit

Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and her robot dog, K-9 (voiced by John Leeson), find themselves tackling a supernatural cult intent on sacrificing a young boy to achieve unimaginable power.

Westphall connections to K-9 and CompanyEdit

Parent showEdit

  • K-9 and Company was spun out of Doctor Who, the show in which Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 first appeared.

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