John Leeson, Philippa Coulthard, Keegan Joyce, Daniel Webber, Robert Moloney
Bob Baker, Paul Tams
Country of origin
Original channel
Network Ten/Disney XD
Science fiction, children
Years on air
No. of seasons
1 (as of Sept 2011)
No. of episodes
26 (as of Sept 2011)
Related Westphall shows

K-9 is a TV series and spin-off of Doctor Who, co-produced by UK and Australian companies. It stars the character of K-9, who first appeared in Doctor Who, and is voiced by John Leeson, who also voiced him in that show. Leeson also voices in the contemporaneous show The Sarah Jane Adventures, although they are supposed to be two different models of the same kind of robot dog. Because K-9 was produced independently of the BBC - the rights to the character were co-owned between the BBC and producer Bob Baker - links to its parent show are minimal, but there.

Series summaryEdit

Robot dog K-9 (voiced by John Leeson) arrives in the lives of near-future Londoners Starkey (Keegan Joyce) and Jorjie (Philippa Coulthard), and soon they find themselves fighting off all kinds of strange invaders and aliens. They are joined by their friend, Professor Alistair Gryffen (Robert Moloney), who has a Space-Time Manipulator.

Westphall connections in K-9 Edit

  • Though it isn't as directly connected to Doctor Who some of the show's other spin-offs (in-story reasons, including K-9 losing part of his memory, mean that he cannot remember his adventures with The Doctor), there was one definitive reference to its parent series. In "The Curse of Anubis", a Sea Devil, a Mandrel and an Alpha Centaurean - all first seen in Doctor Who - are seen among the slaves of Anubis.

Parent showEdit

  • K-9 was spun out of Doctor Who, the show in K-9 first appeared.

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