Jake 2.0 was an American science fiction action series created by Silvio Horta for UPN. It ran from September 10, 2003 to February 6, 2004 for one season.

Series summaryEdit

Jake Foley (Christopher Gorham), a computer expert for the United States' National Security Agency, is accidentally infected with nanomachines that give him superpowers, most notably the ability to 'speak' to machines, allowing him to remote-control them. Naturally, his training doesn't always go smoothly, and his inexperience proves more than a little hazardous in the field, but ultimately his smarts - and his nanomachines - help him save the day.

Brand connection in Jake 2.0 Edit

Red box Morley cigarettes, first smoked by Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210 and smoked by the Cigarette Smoking Man in The X-Files, are smoked by characters in Jake 2.0. They are also smoked by characters in several other shows: Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lois in Malcolm in the Middle, Warwick Brown in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Madeline Westen in Burn Notice. They appeared in Touched by an Angel previously and Cold Case next.