Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin
Joss Whedon
Country of origin
Original channel
Action, drama, science fiction
Years on air
No. of seasons
No. of episodes
Related Westphall shows

Firefly was an American science fiction-western series created by Joss Whedon for FOX.

Series summaryEdit

Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and his crew of misfits make a small profit smuggling goods past the watchful eyes of the Alliance, the monolithic governmental entity than runs all inhabited planets. Their lives immediately become a lot more complicated after they find themselves harbouring a fugitive from the Alliance - a young woman, River (Summer Glau), who has been exploited for her unusual abilities. Inbetween fleeting the alliance, the crew get themselves into scrapes with their illegal activities.

References to FireflyEdit

Prop and branding linksEdit

  • Weyland-Yutani made the weapons used at the Battle of Serenity in Firefly and a Weyland-Yutani ship from the film Aliens could also be seen in some wreckage in the Red Dwarf episode "Psirens". Weyland-Yutani were also represented by Wolfram & Hart, the evil law firm from Angel.

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