EastEnders is a British soap opera created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland for BBC One. It began running in 19 February 1985 and is still running.

Series summary Edit

EastEnders is a long-running British soap opera chronicling the lives of various characters living in and around Walford, a fictional borough of the East End of London. It particularly focuses on events in Albert Square, a central area in Walford, and in local businesses including the local pub, The Queen Victoria (better known as The Queen Vic). It is particularly notable for its gritty and occasionally violent storylines, including AIDS, gangsters, rape and euthanasia.

Westphall connection to EastEnders Edit

In the Doctor Who charity episode "Dimensions in Time", various versions of the Doctor and his companions from across time find themselves trapped in a time loop in Albert Square; during the course of the episode they meet and interact with several EastEnders characters.